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Corporate Video Creation – Be At Your Creative Best!

Corporate Video Creation – Be At Your Creative Best!

dsThe notion of a corporate video is not very beckoning. In fact, you may observe the stifling of a yawn or a blank stare, if you were to mention a corporate video. It conveys another video that will be filled with marketing material and technical jargon. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to specialists to handle it. But shortlist and select a company that speaks of a philosophy that feels fresh, inspiring and creative. For example, Gardner Corporate Video Productions Services

Content, like a customer, is everything. This is true even for a web page or a blog, not only corporate videos. Content must engage. For example, take a look at However, for corporate videos, most companies have gone on an information overflow, filled them with marketing material and glossed it up so completely, that it only ends up generating a yawn or a blank stare with no information being retained by the audience. Unlike any film, corporate films are meant for targeted audiences. But if it is not even interesting to them, it beats the whole purpose. What is the cause for the word ‘boring’ associated with corporate videos and is the perception being changed?

The problem with corporate films is that while it manages to package philosophy, culture and data of a company, it lacks emotion and depth. A video always has to connect to its audience and to establish a connection, and it must feel real. And for it to be real there must be an emotion stemming from a story. When you create a story, you build curiosity, thereby engage your audience. After all, the company is fulfilling a real time need. So try to reflect upon a few points.

What Is The Purpose Behind Your Video?
Note down the actual purpose to create a video. Is it to create awareness of your company, your brand, is it a ‘how to’ video, showing how to use a particular product? Is it to showcase all the products in your company? Is it a documentary about clients? Once your purpose is outlined, look at stories to convey it. Do not directly show a product and its use. Instead, create a scene in which the lack of your product creates some drama. This immediately engages your audience. Choose content with an evocative quality.

Who Is Your Target Audience?
After all, at the end of it all, you want a positive result. So first think about who the end-user of this video would be. It must appeal to the end-user. For example, if it is a video that is aimed at employment recruitment, choose stories unique to employees, depicting empathy and care, quality of your workforce. Incorporate unique stories from employees. Remember to engage, you have to entertain as well.

What Is Your Next Step?
Planning is very important. From deciding on the production, production cost, concept, story, storyboard, direction, art direction, camera, actors, costumes, sound to post-production details, till release and marketing of the video, all plans must be laid out in detail. Be prepared.

Remember also to ensure good quality of video and sound production even if it’s not the best. If after all the effort, the quality suffers, you do not want to reshoot the video. Even if it isn’t Hollywood quality, ensure it is as good as you can get it to be.